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crimescene-clean-upCrime Scene Clean Up


Our Crime Scene Clean Up services are performed with care and compassion. Our  services are available 24 hours a day throughout all of California.

Suicide Clean Up


Thousands of California families are faced with the sudden loss of a loved one due to suicide each year. Let us reduce the emotional trauma while providing you the reassurance that the scene was cleaned up properly. We provide our suicide clean up service to erase all signs of the events that occurred.

Decomposition Clean Up



Decomposed body


Decomposed body


Without proper crime scene and blood clean up the decomposition process can result in strong odors and severe health hazards.  Experienced and trained professionals in crime scene clean up know how to prevent extensive damages and contain harmful substances.

Police Department Services


Green Clean A Scene provides affordable, efficient, and quick emergency vehicle and equipment, jail/holding cell, and evidence room clean up for law enforcement agencies. Many law enforcement agencies and fire departments throughout California have already contracted with Green Clean A Scene.

Traffic Accident Clean Up


Professional trauma scene clean up after traffic accidents ensures that dangerous biohazards are properly removed.  Green Clean A Scene is contracted with cities and counties throughout California.

Fingerprint Dust Clean Up


Crime scene clean up to remove fingerprint dust is essential for effectively removing and neutralizing the black graphite powder of fingerprint dust.  This service will remove other substances used in investigation of trauma scenes.

Tear Gas Clean Up


If tear gas is released in an area, proper tear gas removal is critical because tear gas will not diminish without thorough clean up and can continue to cause symptoms of respiratory distress and eye, nose and mouth irritation even months after it has been released.

Automobile Cleaning


The process of proper crime scene or suicide clean up in an automobile can be highly complex, involving disassembly of the interior and replacing numerous vehicle components.  Green Clean A Scene facilities include auto decontamination units and in house auto lifts used for effective blood removal and automobile cleaning.

Rodent Clean Up


Professional disinfecting and droppings removal in areas affected by pigeons, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other rodents, pests and/or insects will prevent dangerous bacteria, parasites and diseases from affecting your family’s health.

Hoarders/ Clutter Clean Up


Hoarders can amass tremendous amounts of clutter that can best be removed and cleaned by experienced professionals. Green Clean A Scene offers extensive hoarders/clutter clean up services that include packaging, transport, and storage of items, appliance recycling and biohazard clean up.smoke-fireOdor Removal


Stubborn odors, including odors from skunk, smoke and decomposition, call for experienced odor removal specialists.  Green Clean A Scene uses ozone generators and foggers to penetrate the entire spaces and to effectively remove odor from furniture, clothing and other personal belongings.

Animal/Pet Clean Up


Our beloved pets can become an overwhelming problem when it comes to clean up.  Major clean up due to pets can include pulling up carpets, wooden subfloor treatment and replacement  and cleaning, disinfecting and sealing to prevent stains and odors from resurfacing.


Green Clean A Scene is Californias leading Biohazard, Trauma, Crime Scene and Diaster Clean-Up Services company. Call 24 hours a day for immediate crime scene clean up assistance throughout California. Don’t trust just any crime scene clean up company. Trust the leading crime scene clean up company in Califorina, Green Clean A Scene.


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